Angel MedFlight Awarded Full Medical Transport Accreditation

NAAMTA Welcomes Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight Awarded Full Medical Transport Accreditation subsequent to a comprehensive audit of administrative documentation, medical practices, and facilities, NAAMTA  awarded Angel MedFlight full Medical Transport Accreditation for their fixed-wing program. As a result, Angel MedFlight now begins their role as a NAAMTA Alliance member, and thus is privy to the benefits associated.

NAAMTA’s Accreditation program is built on providing standards that focus on quality patient care and the safety of the transports for all involved. NAAMTA’s Alliance unifies each accredited organization in the vanguard of continuous improvement for medical transport.

Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight Awarded Full Medical Transport Accreditation

NAAMTA’s Alliance members are held in high esteem for meeting stringent requirements that define and influence transport operational excellence. Angel MedFlight demonstrated compliance in each of the defined standards, excelled in identifying best practice procedures, and instilling these values in each employee. NAAMTA found their compliance to be evident through employee interviews, on-site evaluations, and process reviews, all of which were conducted using ISO 9001:2008 auditing guidelines.

By attaining NAAMTA Accreditation, Angel MedFlight becomes a valued member in the NAAMTA Alliance. Comprising of industry experts, they demonstrate the depth of their medical transport experience through their dedication to improving patient care and cultivating an environment of safety.

Quoted from Amy Arndt, NAAMTA’s Program Director, “Angel MedFlight has an incredible team of people who have not only demonstrated compliance to the NAAMTA Standards, but have also attained additional industry certifications contributing to their success. I believe the astuteness of their Quality Management team and system has set them on an amazing path in providing exceptional services.

Special Emphasis on Patient Care Relationships

Angel MedFlight’s documented processes and employee activity demonstrates their dedicated to elevating the standards of the medical transport industry. One of the ways they accomplish this focus is by placing special emphasis on patient care relationships, an element that stood out during the auditing process.

"Since our ownership change in 2014, the new Angel MedFlight leadership team has focused on increasing the company's transparency and demonstrating our commitment to patient care and safety. We value the opportunity for NAAMTA, a highly respected worldwide accrediting agency, to review our organization inside and out, and confirm our commitment to operational excellence. Angel MedFlight is proud to join NAAMTA as an Alliance member," said Jason Siegert, President and Chief Operating Officer for Angel MedFlight.

Angel MedFlight has built a solid reputation in medical transport excellence, a status augmented now by a nationally-recognized medical transport accreditation. NAAMTA salutes Angel MedFlight for their proactive approach in achieving accreditation and looks forward to the contributions they share with the NAAMTA Alliance.

About Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight, a world leader in air medical transport, not only flies to all 50 U.S. states, but also to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Angel MedFlight provides services offering a fleet of medically-configured aircraft. In its seven years, they have transported patients in 33 countries worldwide. Their compassionate team of medical, aviation, and insurance professionals coordinate every detail of a patient transfer to ensure seamless service on the ground and in the air.

Angel MedFlight was recently awarded their second consecutive, prestigious ARGUS Platinum Rating, the highest safety certification issued by the Aviation Research Group International, Inc. (ARGUS). This designation is reserved for world-class aviation operators with an exceptional safety history and a comprehensive Safety Management System. The independent certification ensures consumers that Angel MedFlight adheres to the aviation industry's highest safety standards. Built on their One Touch Promise®, Angel MedFlight's compassionate team of medical, aviation, and insurance professionals coordinate every detail of a patient transfer to ensure seamless service on the ground and in the air.


naamta_logoH183NAAMTA is an accreditation standard-bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a quality management system focusing on transport safety, patient care, and continuous improvement. NAAMTA is globally recognized by its ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certification and implementation of quality practices into their accreditation program.

NAAMTA has successfully made great strides in identifying key best practices to improve the standard of performance among EMS providers at the national and global levels. Through a dynamic approach to auditing and a vast array of web-based reporting and learning tools for members, NAAMTA distinguishes itself as an accreditation source interested in the improvement of medical transport organizations.

Original Press Release: Angel MedFlight Achieves NAAMTA Medical Transport Accreditation

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